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Dean Hancock Bio

Dean Hancock Bio

dean-hancock-2Dean Hancock is the owner of Bob Johnson’s Body Shop in Cayce, South Carolina for 9 years. They specialize in heavy duty collision repair and automotive collision repair. He has spent the last 30 years in the collision industry. He spent 10 years as an automotive and a commercial paint technician, 13 years as paint manufacture representative. He earned his Six Sigma black belt from Aveta Business Institute in October of 2012, he also attended the University of Phoenix.

Dean is a founding member of the Axalta coatings business council group for commercial collision repair. Dean saw a need for a business council for heavy duty collision repair and helped Axalta coatings head up the formation of this group. After the group grew in numbers he was elected the president of the group.Since the formation of the group he has been featured in Fender Bender magazine and Body Shop business news.

He also serves as a facilitator for Axalta Coating’s highly recognized Damage Analysis Commercial Fleet Business as well as Production Management Pre-Lean for Commercial Vehicles. Dean’s classes are from first –hand experience from years in the collision industry. The blend of the automotive and commercial collision repair brings a cutting edge approach to the commercial repair industry.

Dean also works closely with Commercial Collision shops using his extensive knowledge and understanding of lean principles for production. He has a natural understanding of value and ability to process the critical thinking required in creating a lean organization.

“It’s my sincere goal is to help the commercial collision repair owners and managers to be successful in their businesses. It is my personal assurance I will provide you with expert guidance that will enable you to be more productive and, most importantly, be more profitable.”

He can be reached at:

Cell phone: 803-518-7148

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