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Dennis Rogers

Dennis Rogers

image036Dennis Rogers was just 4’ 11” and 79 pounds when he entered high school. Sick of being bullied, he began gobbling protein and other supplements and lifted weights to gain size and strength. Despite his efforts, by the time he reached his junior year he tipped the scales at a mere 88 pounds. But it wasn’t long before Dennis realized that it isn’t the size of the man that dictates his strength. Previous to that point, he had lived his life with self-imposed limits. Fear and doubt had dictated his path, but with a new perspective came great change.

Soon he discovered that he was particularly good at arm-wrestling, and on November 8, 1975, Dennis captured the East Coast Arm Wrestling Championship. From that point on he won some 60 awards in arm-sports, including the U.S. Open, National and World Championships. Today he is a Grandmaster Strongman and he travels the world performing incredible feats of strength. Between his live and televised appearances it is estimated that a minimum of 300 million people in 156 countries have seen him perform. Oprah Winfrey, David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel and a slew of other hosts of today’s hottest shows have witnessed firsthand the super-strength abilities of this unassuming man.

Everyone watches in amazement as he rips thick phonebooks, bends and twists steel and rolls frying pans with his fingers. And these are just a handful of the powerful feats he performs. But what’s even more captivating is his message, and his gift to encourage others, to bring out the best in them.

Dennis Rogers Seminars

picMonster in Your House:

Dennis discusses the devastating destruction known as strongholds; how they impact our lives, and how to defeat them. Strongholds will not only delay our success, they can cause it to come to a screeching halt if not identified and dealt with through a thorough plan of attach.

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone:

Dennis motivates his audience to step out of their self-imposed limitations and face
their fears with a new perspective, inspiring them to be the very best that they can be
in all areas of life. Self-discovery is one of the best motivators and Dennis supplies the motivation and tools to give all those in attendance a clear picture of who they
really are.

A Championship Attitude:

Dennis shares the knowledge he acquired from some of today’s biggest stars in relation to both having a winning attitude and making it contagious. A championship attitude not only pushes us to success, it causes everyone around us to jump on board. Dennis shares his personal experiences with some of the most passionate people in entertainment and sport.

Dennis is the premier strength performer in the world today. Every speaking engagement he does is highlighted with an amazing display of world-class feats of strength designed to be interactive, as well as inspire and amaze.

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