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Mike Anderson is a premier expert of all things related to the auto collision repair industry. His presentation skills are unique, capturing the attention of his audience. His message is motivating. His energy level is inspiring. He stays current on new technologies, repair methodology, and industry trends, speaking with amazing expertise and knowledge. Mike is an incredible gift. No one gives more of themselves to the industry.

Darrell Amberson
LaMettry's Collision

“Before Collision Advice our workflow was chaos. Mike and his team helped us implement an accurate scheduling process, perform 100% teardowns with accurate blueprinting, overhaul our parts department for efficiency and accuracy and utilize our management system so we could track what was happening. We went from a cycle time of 15 days down to a 9 day cycle time because of Collision Advice. The best part about the changes was the fact it took the stress out of our shop. Once everyone adapted to the changes things got easier. Thanks Collision Advice for your help.”

Mark Probst
Probst Auto Body

Awesome guys to work with, total pro’s! Everything they showed us is working great for us!

Gene Dziza – Collision Craft Kalispell

Awesome Training! Collision Advice has taken us from a “mom and pop” shop to running like a business should with very effective processes.

Mark Probst – Probst Auto Body

Mark Twain says, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Mike Anderson and the team at Collision Advise helped me find my “why”. It’s not all about fixing cars… This is the stuff that life is truly about and Collision Advice gets that. I owe it to Collision Advice for helping me love what I do and doing what I love.

Matthew McDonnell - Big Sky Collision Center

I just wanted to drop you guys a note and tell you how great it was to work with Kirstin. It give me a lot of confidence moving forward, that we are on a great road to recovery. Also, it is good to know we have such a great resource behind us in Collision Advice.
Kirstin's work is not done here and we look forward to getting her back here when the weather is nicer. We look forward to taking her to Glacier and showing her some of the highlights of this wonderful place we live. (We will wait until the humidity is stifling in the Chicago area).

Gene Dziza
Collision Craft

“That seminar was some of the best money I have spent this year.”
Sales and Marketing seminar in Iowa City

Cleve Ray
Cleve’s Collision Center

Working with the Collision Advice team since 2012 has been a great success for my business as we are a small MSO in NY and looking to grow I realized I needed help.. Collision Advice has helped us from the front to the back... with the CSR's, Accounting, Estimating, Technicians, (Body & Refinish) work flow and customer service. We learned so many ways on how to improve and has helped us increase our sales and bottom line... They developed new pay plans that helped all of our employees increase their income and the company still maintains a high gross profit.. They also have helped us with new processes for work flow that has helped us get more vehicles through the shop with less help... Collision Advice continues support with us as we communicate on a weekly and monthly basis to insure that we are on track and if we need additional help with any issues.
Working with Collision Advice for over a year and half I am very happy with the results that has made us better at what we do and has added a great success for us to grow..

Joe Amodei
The Collision Centers

Struggling to survive in the automotive industry is difficult. Leading the industry in your market requires a perfect blend of trade recipes.
Collision Advice has the best blend of experience and trade knowledge to put you in that driver seat. They have given us new life. Our employees are excited about our direction. We are doing more with less.
Collision Advice has set real expectation and we are achieving our goals. We are getting the proper equipment and training to fix the cars correctly and on time. We, as owners, have set the vision and have simply stepped out of the way to allow our employees preform at their peak levels. We are now measuring our progress and success. We as owners, have been given the tools and education to not only lead our employees but lead our area in our industry.

They bring a cool and confident demeanor that is respectable yet demanding. I'm mostly impressed by the true passion they have to see us succeed. I know that because of the countless follow up calls and e-mails. I would say that if I knew my competitors were using Collision Advice I would be very nervous. On the contrary I'm excited for our future and am in love with this industry more now than I ever have been.

There is not an area of our business that hasn’t been effected in a positive direction. Collision Advice has put us in the position to be the best we can be.

Matthew McDonnell
Big Sky Collision Center

Mike and the Collision Advice family,

I want to thank all of you for all of your help this past year. It was truly an amazing journey. Working with you and your staff has ensured that Mark's Body Shop will never be the same. With your help we have learned what lean really means and how to achieve it while still continuing to achieve the high repair quality our customers have grown to expect. It was truly a collision repair make over. It all started with you getting my entire staff to buy in to the changes and delivering the big picture. Then Kirstin helped us clean up our Financials and today we are able to measure like never before. Then there was Danny and Beto who helped us overhaul our parts department and processes. Let's not forget Heather who helped us with 100% teardown and blue printing best practices. Our facility finally has the tools in place to grow. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Mark Schaech Jr
Mark's Body Shop

" Working with Mike and Kirstin has been by far one of the best business decisions I've made. Their hard work and honest approach has helped us to improve tremendously. It's great knowing I can always call on them for the best COLLISION ADVICE!"


We are a member of Mike Anderson’s BC 7 group. We had been trying to clean our numbers up for several years. So we could get a true measure of where we were at and what areas we needed to pay closer attention to.
Mike suggested we bring in Kirstin Rajala. Kirstin worked with us for three days and completely cleaned up our numbers in our balance statement and our profit and loss statement. She also trained my staff on Quick Books, what numbers went where, and when they should be posted.
What would have taken us months only took Kirstin three days. I was so impressed that she was so thorough and she knew our management system as well. I would strongly recommend Kirstin and will not hesitate to use her again.

Bob Johnson’s Body Shop

Thinking out of the box is often used very loosely when it comes to describing an organization that provides innovative services. Able Body Shop in Anchorage, Alaska has had a great business relationship with Mike Andersen and his team at Collision Advice, a group of above and beyond innovative doers. Collision Advice has become part of our extended family, they have a vested interest in our success and the future of our business growth. Mike's passion and energy is mind-altering, he commands attention and earns respect from his peers.
Over the years our relationship has grown into a highly valued friendship. Collision Advice's counsel has helped Able Body Shop gain a competitive edge, improve our productivity, and increase our profit margin.

Thanks Collision Advice for all you do for the Collision Repair Industry

Ryan Cropper, Owner
Able Body Shop

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