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AMI Online Courses

AMI Online Courses

Mike Anderson Online Series

Now you can expose your staff to the expertise of Mike Anderson or relive keep aspects of his presentations, without the need to travel or spend time away from the business. These courses are available 24/7 and may be paused and returned to at any time.

Management’s Guide to Scanning and New Technology

The essential information you need to know in one easy to navigate place to help you make decisions about scanning and other new technologies. Includes interviews from shop managers and industry experts.

Length: 108 mins   AMi Credit Hours: 2


Improving CSI – On the Phone

Offers important techniques on how to improve CSI while on the phone with potential or existing customers.

Length: 30 mins   AMi Credit Hour: 1



Improving CSI – During the Sale

Focuses on how to improve CSI by delivering exceptional customer service throughout the sales process. Length: 60 mins   AMi Credit Hour: 2



Improving CSI – Check in and During Repair

Provides essential information on how to improve CSI by delivering exceptional customer service during the check-in & repair process.

Length: 30 mins   AMi Credit Hour: 1



You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Outlines why it is important to research OEM repair procedures and why we need to scan vehicles before and after repairs.

Length: 30 mins   AMi Credit Hour: 1



Scheduling Best Practices

Discusses benefit gains through proper scheduling, such as even flow, balance, best use of resources, pay consistency, reduced cycle time, improved touch time and most importantly, improved profitability.Length: 45 mins   AMi Credit Hour: 1



Profitability for Collision Repair

Focuses on the essentials of collision repair profitability. This includes topics such as calculating gross and net profit, calculating break-even, ways to increase revenue, optimizing your sales mix, and improving labor, parts, painting materials, and sublet versus profit.

Length: 30 mins   AMi Credit Hour: 1



Parts Management for Collision Repair

Highlights methods to improve the parts management process, including parts management overview, parts manager responsibilities, and best practices for each step in the parts management process.Length: 45 mins   AMi Credit Hour: 1



KPI Basics

Outlines the basics of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The course covers the five categories of collision repair center KPI’s, which include; financial, estimating, cycle time, parts and CSI.

Length: 30 mins   AMi Credit Hour: 1



Job Costing for Collision Repair

Provides a basic understanding of job costing. This course covers: job costing overview, and provides insights on what impacts body, paint and related materials, parts and sublet profitability.

Length: 30 mins   AMi Credit Hour: 1



Budgeting Basics

Outlines the basic of how to budget, including budgeting benefits, key financial termsand budgeting software and tools.  It also provides real world scenarios on the benefits of effective budgeting.

Length: 30 mins   AMi Credit Hour: 1



Understanding Financial Statements

Provides a basic understanding of financial statements, covering key financial terms, as well as the role of balance sheets, profit and loss statements and cash flow statements.

Length: 30 mins   AMi Credit Hour: 1



Bookkeeping Basics

Explores the basics of bookkeeping for a repair business. This course ties key terminology of the collision repair business to key aspects of bookkeeping to ensure financial accuracy and profitability.

Length: 30 mins   AMi Credit Hour: 1



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