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Tiffany Driggers Bio

Tiffany Driggers Bio


Tiffany handles all of the administration work for CollisionAdvice, including the scheduling of all seminars, coordination of the 20 Groups and much more.

Tiffany started working with Mike Anderson at Wagonwork Collision Centers, two highly acclaimed shops located in Alexandria, Virginia.  Tiffany worked as a CSR for Wagonwork Collision Centers for over 10 years before being promoted to the bookkeeping position. She was the bookkeeper and administrator for both shops.

Tiffany is an Accredited Automotive Manager (AAM).  Some of her services include:

  • Scheduling CollisionAdvice seminars
  • Scheduling On-site consulting
  • Coordinating Financial Review sessions
  • Coordinating and scheduling the Axalta 20 Groups
  • Bookkeeping and financial services for CollisionAdvice
  • And much more
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